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Green Chistmas?

Thinking about a green Christmas.   Less electricity, less consumerism, less traveling... What can you do differently to make the world a better place this year?   Our earth is crying out for change, but can we? Some green suggestions: Give time not things Buy local if you do buy Recycle your unused items by re-gifting Don't put up so many lights this year, it really isn't cool anymore to be so wasteful. (this one was from my wise 15 year old son, who sees his planet disintegrating)
I'm not trying to kill the joy, just re imagine it so our children's children can have some joy too!
PEACE, Kelly

Before and After: Tree of Life Dresser

BEFORE: Actually this is after priming, it was beat up wood originally.  It is a very nice sturdy piece.

AFTER: This was a three step painting process.  After priming it got two coats of vibrant red.

Introducing:  The Tree of Life: A sponge off effect with a gorgeous Aubergine gave this piece it's final paint effect. A Gustav Klimt print over the large bottom drawers made it even more unique and special.This is a unisex piece that could appeal to most any one looking for a piece with personality. A true center point for many rooms: Bedroom, entryway, guestroom, office, etc etc... 

                                                                 Stay Groovy!  * Kelly