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Another Box Makeover.

AFTER: A flatware box is given a slinky new look.  I love the lady by Mucha.

A cool vintage handle and interior re-upholstery finish the revamp.

BEFORE: Dinged and in need of a new look.

Box make over...And Shots anyone?

AFTER: A very drastic change from the original box.  This now has three lovely ladies adorning the sides and a fab black and white color scheme.



AFTER:   Shot glass display?  Or....???? It has a shiny new 'Tude any how!


Zen Side Table Makeover

BEFORE: You get the picture.  The mail organizer made this already tiny table more minuscule. It added nothing due to slots so small and narrow mail wouldn't even fit,  WHY?   Besides it was cracked in half and covered in ink, EWW!  I started by ditching that detail.


Purple peacock Zen looking awesomeness.  It is sooo cool I am digging on it so much! Geez, tooting the horn obnoxiously or what?  Hey, if I don't dig it, who will?

This knob is intricately detailed and so pretty.  I love the carved Moroccan feel.

I couldn't resist the bird images.
Remember before....  Transformation can be good!!!

Before & After Grey and Black Dresser

BEFORE: Pealing veneer, stickered up front, scratched, dinged and rather past it's prime, this dresser needed a little lovin'

Painted, antiqued and looking mighty fine.  Can you feel the love?

Fun knobs on the top drawer and pretty drawer papers inside. I kept the original pulls on the bottom drawers, they are really unique and I loved them.

I love this one, how about you?   Cheers!

"Where The Wild Things Are" A Desk Makeover

BEFORE: This is actually after a new peacock blue paint job, it was very beat up at the start.

AFTER: This desk has a fanciful new look.  Where The Wild Things Are meets Starry Night! Introducing "Wild Night"  A desk Makeover...

Pretty Wild, right?

Thanks for the looksee... Comments are appreciated :-}Cheers, Kelly


Come one, come all to my 2nd Annual Big Box sale.  Not to be confused with the Box Store sales.... This is local and fabulous.  I will have my Gran's Record Player out and the Perry Como Christmas music spinning.  The egg nog will be flowing and the weather will be invigorating in the Barn.  You gotta come and hang for a while.  I may even have a little fire pit going to warm you up.  These little beauties will make the ladies on your list smile with delight!!  10am -2pm

This is a sample, there are many more to choose. Here are some of the Glam Bags for all your holiday parties.  Get that groove on gals!!!!

There are also some furniture pieces available... Stop in on your way to the Moretown Artisans sale!
Cheers! Kelly