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Buffet Bazaar

I love buffets and hutches, sideboards and servers.  I love dressers that can serve in that capacity so I thought I'd share a few of the ones I've tweaked over the years.  All are happily in use.

Groovy New Jewelry Boxes

Fanciful and lovely... A special jewelry box for each individual... Got Groove?

Sweet Salvage

I don't know about you, but I have a bit of an obsession with old architectural salvage pieces.   Here are a few from a freezer of a place in White River Junction, VT .   I say freezer because it was a huge place with no heat, that had the doors wide  open on a 12 degree day!  BRRRRR!!!  No wonder we never saw a soul. It's a good thing I wore a hat that day or I never would have stayed to snap these few photos.   I want to bring them all home.

Who can resist curved windows and columns?  Not me!   Must have a touch of old Athena in my blood.

Sleeping Goddess Box



Box Makeover

BEFORE:   A nice size wooden box that could make for a grand jewelry box.

AFTER: A special box for some special lady.  Remember, well behaved women rarely make history.

Pretty sassy, right?
Cheers - Kelly

Mickey Desk Reveal

I finally got these photos taken.  Sorry it took two weeks.  I love Mickey almost as much as my client. Hopefully he will love his new desk.  It is a simple and fun design but a huge change form the original... see the previous post for a reminder on how blah the desk used to be.

Steam Boat Willie Rules!!!

So what do you think? Cheers!  Kelly