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"That's Life" An Amazing Bar Makeover

BEFORE: A nice old wood piece.  I thought it would make a very cool bar...

First, the color needed a change. Then the real fun began...

AFTER: That's Life... All sorts of images from the last century.   Try to catch them all, it is a real conversation piece.  A Bar to Remember!

Got Groove?  What do you think?/  I have some things yet to add, and I'm not 100% in love with the black trim highlights but it is mostly done and I couldn't wait any longer to share.

Beautiful Bottle Reuse

I've got some bottles and I'm going to do something fun with them.  Here are some of the ideas I like...

Garden Dreams

Spring is in the air, sort of...  It is only 29 degrees and with the breeze feels like 13! Brrr!!  But a girl can dream.  I have my gardening books out and have lots of plans to expand the back perennial garden and I've been looking at Pinterest for ideas that I can implement in the potential plan.
This is one I love!  Who wouldn't want some succulent coiffed sculpture in the middle of their garden?So Awesome!!!!

This path is simple and so gorgeous.  I love the textural look and color contrast.  Hmmm, can I make this work through the back 40 is the question.  I have some phlox that could easily be divided and propagated for a path...

I could definitely make this, once we cut down the huge pines to open up the light for our side veggie garden.  The hubby has big expansion plans for "the farm" this year!  Yum!!

                      This is so my style, a re-purposed headboard as garden gate.                                                              Love it!

A girl…

Thanks to my Blog Followers and Those Who Take The Time To Comment

I guess I've been wondering if all this blogging is worth the effort.  I mean it seems like a lot of work
for no tangible reward other than sharing with my fellow bloggers.  Do any of you ever feel left out of the inner circle of blog folks?  Do you care?  Does any of it matter?  Just contemplating how to best spend my time.  Thanks for looking at my blog and for reading what little I write. That makes it worth-
while to me and I am grateful!