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A No Tile Backsplash with Wallpaper Scraps!

I happened to have some textured and fabric wallpaper scraps in earthy tones just lying around.  See, hoarding can have benefits!  I had been shopping around for inexpensive glass tile when I had the inspiration to go in a completely different direction.  It was even easier than putting up large sheets of wallpaper, more free hand and forgiving. Same process really.  I used border paste to attatch to the wall with a dab of elmers here and there at stubborn seems and it looks pretty custom and really cool. .

These sconces were crome.  I did a faux aged bronze paint job using rust spray paint and dry brushing with black paint to get that aged look.  Not bad for nothing! (already had the spray paint left from another job)

Now I just need to replace that countertop and sink.

Thanks for your visit. Peace Kelly

Not Afraid of Color!!! The Dining Room...

Okay, so I was going for a terracotta pot or pumpkin color on the walls for a warm look that would coordinate with my Groovy Green Design Furniture.  I was unsure at first about the color which I mixed myself from some of the free paint I collect, but I really like it.   

Bright and warm during the daytime and moody and romantic during the evening hours...

 I decided to change up the white trim which seemed to harsh to cream, again a warmer alternative, and I like the softness of the color combo while it still has  some spice.
This was the before: of course this is a makeover of a makeover of a makeover.  My dining rooms design has eluded me.  I dig it for a while then get tired of it and paint it or move around furniture.  The big change besides color was removing the big upholstered cornices I had made, and changed up the black sheer curtains... I had to move on from the black and white look.

 The piano is going... Free piano anyone?  come get it and it's yours!!  See my craigslist…

Silverware Box Now A Funky Jewel Box

Another Box with a new life.  She is one of a kind.  New look  with my fav' Modgepodge and some cool Saalom fabric scraps from The Restore.  Even better looking on the box than on a shirt in my humble opinion.  What say you?

The inside of the box was a gorgeous blue already.  It inspired me to use the wild fabric with that same color in it.  I love how the two work so well together.  It was kismet I tell you!

And here it is our little project BEFORE the fabulous makeover began.  Kinda boring eh?

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