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Winter... A Love Story

HOME: The scenic Mad River...  My daily walk with the dog is simply breathtaking..  I'm a lucky duck!

First ride up on Heaven's Gate Lift at South this season.  We were welcomed by a surprisingly sugary scene.  A great day to take off with the kids and shred!!!    Life is good... No T-shirt necessary.

My favorite walk before the snow gets deep.  Up pine needle path to South hill road and up to the sugar house and back again. Views and woods to get the blood pumping...Nhu nhu and I are loving it!

Winter is here... Let is snow!!!

Living room nook makeover. A beloved Uncles Art now grace these walls


Please weigh in doors or no doors?

Red Hen Inspired Storage

This storage Cabinet was designed for the Red Hen Bakery and Cafe.  They plan to use it for equipment and supply storage in the main cafe restroom.   I couldn't resist going with the "Hens gone wild" look.

Side view, right and left have a little added interest. 

More Music is Art Fest


Music is Art Festival

Music is art Festival at Albright Knox Art Gallery , Delaware Park, Buffalo,NY.  September 11, 2010 My stubborn computer will not allow me to upload more than one picture in this post.  I know not why. This artist just blew me away.  I love her over sized and vibrantly painted canvases.  Uunfortunately I cannot find her card to tell you her name or where you can get her work.  Thought I'd share anyway.  Post her name to comments if she looks familiar!!

Box Love

A redo of Plain Jane boxes.  I've been collecting boxes of all shapes and sizes.  Some jewelry boxes, some  plain wooden ones.  Many more to come.  Each with a distinctive new lease on life.  Now available in the Barn Studio of Groovy Green Designs....  Silly upload problem.  These keep coming out sideways! Drat!

Meet "Dijon" A Spicy Mustard Yellow Desk

Before:  thrift store find... Much abused desk in need of some Groovy Green Attention...

After:  "Dijon" has a whole new outlook... Ready for some serious business.

Eclectic knobs for a whimsical look.  We wouldn't want to take ourselves too seriously afterall.

Thanks for looking. Your comments are always appreciated... Peace, Kelly

Getting Organized With Style

Some fun wall organizers for your precious items.  Jewelry, pictures etc.

"The Heaven's" A Sideboard Makeover

AFTER This piece had all the lines to become a truly unique piece.  When I started this project I had a completely different look in mind.  Once I found the Angel prints, I had an epiphany and went in a new direction and it evolved into this piece of artwork.  
Middle two drawers with a collage of the "heavens"  A little Michelangelo, Van Gogh.... There are two side doors with angels which started the whole ball rolling.
Top Detail.  The black and white area is from another piece I have placed back to back in my studio barn.Would love to move them around to take more flattering pictures. But oh my aching back!!! Thanks for looking and remember to leave a comment.  Would love your feedback!!

Meet Chaplin

BEFORE This is a drop front antique desk that had some issues.  I have yet to replace the missing top but just wanted to get these photos out there.

AFTER This guy received a layered paint job and Charlie Chaplin persona inside and out.

Closeup of Chaplin  on Front. Yes, he's holding a cane, my boys said it looked like he is peeing.Boys!

Inside cupboard detail... Love this mini chap.