Grandmas windows as Art

My Mother gave me some old windows from my Grandmother's house.
They were very beat up but I couldn't just get rid of them so I made a piece of wall art that is sentimental and a nice recycled memory.
I'll always think of gram when I look at this.

The paper on the window is from a wall paper sample book and I simply glued the paper to the window pane, paper on top. I added the vellum scrapbook quotes and stamped the fleur de lis on then coated the whole thing with gloss decoupage medium (modge podge) The key to a smooth finish is a brayer(a roller from craft store) a damp sponge and gentle pressure to get all the bubbles out. Occasionally I poke tiny holes with my craft knife to let stubborn air escape. Heavier paper is more forgiving than thin as far as resisting tears. Hope this helps. I bet if you are having glass breakage problems it would still look good with a board back round after all you cannot see the glass from the front.

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