Living room nook makeover. A beloved Uncles Art now grace these walls

Ikea wooden storage given a groovin' new look.

A view from the sofa of Bob Carriero's art.  A very talented and beloved uncle of my husbands.  This hangs above a piece of  resurfaced furniture found curbside in Waitsfield.

I absolutley love the image and colors in this one of a kind painting.   "Jesus in Swiss Cheeze" as dubbed by family members who so graciously parted with this treasure.

This is the Before shot of a curbside find.  Look at those legs!!!

Bold Red and gorgeous paper gave this one a new lease on life. Inside is a lovely Aubergine.  Doors or no, I can't decide, perhaps chicken wire so you can see inside.  For now it holds all my garage sale art books and art mags.  Lovely organization!!

The top has a variety of red black and gold papers.  Then seeled in glossy poly to give it a hard and durable finish.  It looks pretty fab with the painting above, I'm very pleased with the finished look despite the doorless issue.
Please weigh in doors or no doors?

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