Marilyn Immortalized in Furniture! "The Golden Girl"

Art Deco Waterfall Armoire.  A bit beat up when I found it at a thrift store in Buffalo while visiting my sister.  As soon as I saw her I knew I'd found the piece for all those Marilyn Monroe Posters I'd been saving....

Some lovely golden tones and many hours of cutting and pasting the large number of photos of this screen goddess  found in many places on the net and in books.  Sometimes being a hoarder can pay off.  You just need patience and a seed of a plan for your collections of bits of fluff.  See, I'm not soooo crazed.  Well, maybe a wee bit!!

Those little strips are her quotes of which there were many. Some very thoughtful and profound, others playful sexy and sad.

Luckily most of the original hardware was intact, but I did have to get creative and switch knobs and handles which ended up working well with the design so as not to cover Marilyn up. She looks bejeweled in just the right places.

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