Not Afraid of Color!!! The Dining Room...

Okay, so I was going for a terracotta pot or pumpkin color on the walls for a warm look that would coordinate with my Groovy Green Design Furniture.  I was unsure at first about the color which I mixed myself from some of the free paint I collect, but I really like it.   

Bright and warm during the daytime and moody and romantic during the evening hours...

 I decided to change up the white trim which seemed to harsh to cream, again a warmer alternative, and I like the softness of the color combo while it still has  some spice.
This was the before: of course this is a makeover of a makeover of a makeover.  My dining rooms design has eluded me.  I dig it for a while then get tired of it and paint it or move around furniture.  The big change besides color was removing the big upholstered cornices I had made, and changed up the black sheer curtains... I had to move on from the black and white look.

 The piano is going... Free piano anyone?  come get it and it's yours!!  See my craigslist post!
This black beauty now resides in the kitchen with a hutch top.  Once I finish the floor in that room, I will share.  Paint is the cheapest and easiest makeover solution.  I bought nothing for this redo except for cream trim paint.

Thanks for your visit. Peace Kelly

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