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New things now finished

This little desk was just a little brown ugly duckling, now it is a silver swan. Glam is the answer. This is a country cabinet I made from a broken down brown thrift shop buy. A little paint and some chicken wire added to a makeshift door and a cool handle and Viola! Some back round paper may be in order to make it extra special.
This was my take on a bohemian bureau. All fabrics onto a little chest of drawers on top of a table that was painted and decoupaged to make it one unique piece.

An old metal bathroom medicine cabinet became a girls wall vanity. Artsy on the inside and the added bonus is little magnet can hold pictures or notes . Shelves for storage for polish or perfumes or beanies, name your collectible. A friend snatched this up for her daughter.

Portland Maine is cool

We had a lovely weekend in Portland Maine. The cobbled streets and lobster town feel were all we imagined. Go Pirates!! (minor league hockey team we saw saturday night)