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Alters and Jewelry Boxes Galore!

The hive is chock full of cool boxes for the  awesome people on your list not content with the Box Store fodder.

The Hive is Open!!!!

Remember that Go Fund Me Campaign?  Well it helped to make the opening of The Hive Artist Collective possible.  Myself and three other women artists have opened an Art Colony! We are so thrilled to be in the space and working with such amazing Artists from all over Vermont.

Furniture at the Hive....

If you like your furniture brown and boring, sorry, I have nothing for you.  But if you like some personal style and color, well then, we have a bit to discuss.  Come on in and check out the latest and greatest furniture makeovers/

Go Fund Me Campaign is underway!!!


Hi all the above link is to a site to get my Art Co-op Kickstarted.  Please consider joining in and contributing to a cool Art enterprise.  Love to all my followers!!!

Trash to Treasure: A Mannequin Makeover

I found this mannequin at a thrift store a while back.  I had visions of a cool decoupaged art piece that could also be used for a store display at some point. 

This is what I have so far.  It could use a nice wooden base or stand.  I love the Adam and Eve forest collage.  I need to get more pic's all decked out with Jewelry or scarves or other items for display.  Just a little fun with my paper and glue on a -10 degree day here in Vermont.

Thanks for checking it out!  Cheers and stay warm peeps! Kelly