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Living room nook makeover. A beloved Uncles Art now grace these walls


Please weigh in doors or no doors?

Red Hen Inspired Storage

This storage Cabinet was designed for the Red Hen Bakery and Cafe.  They plan to use it for equipment and supply storage in the main cafe restroom.   I couldn't resist going with the "Hens gone wild" look.

Side view, right and left have a little added interest. 

More Music is Art Fest


Music is Art Festival

Music is art Festival at Albright Knox Art Gallery , Delaware Park, Buffalo,NY.  September 11, 2010 My stubborn computer will not allow me to upload more than one picture in this post.  I know not why. This artist just blew me away.  I love her over sized and vibrantly painted canvases.  Uunfortunately I cannot find her card to tell you her name or where you can get her work.  Thought I'd share anyway.  Post her name to comments if she looks familiar!!