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Wednesday's Before and After Furniture Makeover "Lil' Red"



New hardware, fabu fabric covered drawers, layered red and black paint job... "Lil' Red" has got it going on!   
I just love how the tone on tone stamped pattern on top turned out. Subtly sassy, You bet your bippy!

Spring is in the air... Happy St. Patties Day!! and Thank You!!

Before: Plane Jane got a makeover, boy did she need it!

After:  It's all about warm earthtones and taking you on a little  frolic in the forest to commune with the faeries and leprechans don't you know.

This was a piece I sold a while back.  I had a call from the client recently who wanted to do over another table her daughter ruined with nail polish remover, (drat! or happy mistake?)  and it brought me back to the very beginning of it all.  Thanks to all my supporters...  I appreciate all  your appreciation! 

Thanks for your visit. Peace Kelly

Treasure Box Makeovers

Before:  Boxes I found in various places...

After: Funky and cool for treasure or jewel

Thanks for your visit. Peace Kelly