Saturday, June 30, 2012

Garden Inspired Desk Makeover


Okay, so I almost forgot to take a before shot so here it is sans drawers, but you get the drift, yes?


Very feminine paper combo on top and drawers.

New scoop pulls finish the look.

The top has a whimsical bird lovers floral thing going on.  I just went with it!

She is a lovely lady.  Gotta get your groove on gals!  Who needs an office makeover?
I've got your wow factor right here.

Thanks for your visit. Peace Kelly

Friday, June 29, 2012

Meet "Monkey Business" A Memory Box Makeover

BEFORE: Yard Sale Trunk

I found this trunk at a yard sale for $3.00  It sat in the studio for a couple of weeks then I saw some cute sock monkey paper that I just thought was precious.  The result is a sassy sweet memory box for all the treasures you accrue when you have a child.

AFTER:  Meet "Monkey Business" A memory box  

Checkerboard paper and some black paint along with the Monkey paper made this trunk a treasure.

Got Monkeys?  

Thanks for your visit. Peace Kelly

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Before and After

Before: Antique Mersman Sidetables

In pretty decent shape but as you know, plain wood is not my favorite, and frankly these needed a little more personality.
I found these awesome Japanese Pagoda pictures that had irresistible colors and mood.  I just had to put them on these side tables and put a pretty border around them to finish off the look.

After: Pagoda inspired twin tables

The front drawer and side panels have coordinating striped paper and cute knobs to finish the look.
I just love these pretty little tables.  I could totally see them as bedside tables or in a cottage next to a shabby chic sofa.

Thanks for your visit. Peace Kelly

Monday, June 25, 2012

Big Barn Sale Summer 2012

June 29th & 30th 
10am-3pm Rain or Shine
1423 Route 100b Moretown Village

The Newbies:

Union Jack Coffee Table: God Save the Queen!

Monkey Business:  An adorable memory box.  A place to save all your child's  treasures.

Peacock Blue two tier table. 

Pagoda Palace Twin Tables: Asian inspired Mersman tables.

Cherry Blossom Cabinet:  Unique storage for smaller treasures.

Clock Cabinet made into a lacy sweet storage cabinet for bathroom or boudoir.

Much, much more..... Got Groove?

Thanks for your visit. Peace Kelly

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Thrift store score extraordinaire!!!

A table and 4 chairs also comes with the set.  I have been contemplating many luscious looks for these beauties.  I cannot believe these came stripped and ready to go.  How lucky am I?

Thanks for your visit. Peace Kelly

Monday, June 11, 2012

Peacock Inspired Side Table

Peacock paper decoupaged onto a turquoise side table is fun and unexpected. 
I'm thinking the hardware may need a coat of peacock blue. 

Thanks for your visit. Peace Kelly

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Introductions: "Starla" A Sidetable Makeover

BEFORE:  Beaten, brown and let's face it boring!!

Holy cow, what ugly hardware on this solid wood piece.  Very 70's  and not the cool 70's

AFTER:   Meet  "Starla"  The glam new look has roots of organic patterns and colors, with a bit of feminine mystique.   She's a cutie.

Pretty glass knobs instead of that clunky hardware.  Aahhh much better. Don't you agree?

Thanks for your visit. Peace Kelly