Saturday, July 18, 2009


A few photos from my garden.. Meow Meow loves the beds. Wild flowers in the back, on the path to the "swimming hole"

Oops, just had to squeeze this one in.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Custom piece for the same client!

I have been a very busy groovy green gal lately. As you can see I haven't updated in a while so it looks like I've done many pieces in a short time. These last few posts are the result of many weeks and months of labor. I will admit I'm a bit possessed and obsessed with my furniture projects. A big thanks to all my buds and new friends who dig my work. Thanks to Dennis my awesome husband for helping me lug it around to get them done and for letting me take over the kitchen as a work space.. I find running water helpful to get things done. Cheers! Kelly

A custom job.... all done!

Tall Dresser all Dressed Up

Before..... After...

One for the Chicken Lady!

This gal started of with just a bit of paper on the front. Not too much personality, then I came across some chickens. I was inspired to make a French country piece with my friend Michelle in mind. She's the local chicken lady. Now it's in her home!

Dresser Makeover "Calypso"

Before and After "Tuscan Sun"

"Rainbow Birds" Before and after

What Ive been up to lately....

Another Groovy Green makeover. Isn't it adorable?
Yep, it is a touch of snake skin paper. Kinda risky but fun and definitely groovy.

Poor, sad little gal... Just needed a bit of makeup and jewelry. Her bone structure is lovely.