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Spring Cabinet Cutie

AFTER: She's sunny and cheerful and springy! 

 BEFORE: Someone left this little gal on my porch.  I have elves everywhere who know I love these surprises...

Desk Makeover : Drab to Fab

BEFORE: Green and kind of gross.  Chipped and chewed. This desk needed help!!

New paint and decoupaged top and drawers gives this one a whole new life.

Got Groove?
                                      Cheers, Kelly

Mannequin Art

These are some amazing Art pieces.    Decoupage.

Spring Dreaming

Thanks for looking.  Love to read your comment...Cheers, Kelly

Sculpture, Architecture , and Art... Oh My!

I couldn't resist...I just love it!

Shameless Self Promotion

So whats wrong with a little tooting of the horn?  That is what this blog is all about, after all!   My projects and creations.  Here are the goods now showing at The Proud Flower in Waterbury,VT I love the V-day decorations.  She is on to St Patrick's Day decor at present.

Isn't that floor to die for?  Nina's shop is ADORABLE!