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This table was given to me by a friend and I painted it white and added paper to the top that was fun Mickey loves Minnie theme. Very cute!


I found these two ladies on different days and just love the rustic quality of the mother and child piece. The black and white gal was made by someones hands and is truly a unique find.

This china cabinet was one of my creative endeavors. The paper in the back may be changed, but otherwise, I'm happy with the end result. Funky and vintage for my eclectic dining room.


let it snow, ready for christmas

The first real snowfall that has stuck to the ground! I'm so thrilled. We have the decorations up on the outside of the house... this is the unlit version.

The lonely blogger

You'll not believe this transformation... Sorry, but no after pictures unless I get some comments asking to see it.. Do ya? Let me know. She's a bar now..... Hmmmm, can you dig it?

My fancy message boards

Made my own push pins with polished stones and buttons. Very easy, just a dab of liquid nails and let dry. I'v done several different versions of these inspiration boards. More to come.

That is a leather key pouch with old keys dangling in the center frame. I'll have to take a few more pic's then post again.

Pretty Upcycled Jars

Instead of heading to the recycling bin, these jars were given a second chance and a new look for cute storage jars Fuzzy pencil holders anyone?
Pretty paper and thrift store buttons and voila!

Cabinets... Sharin the love...

Cool Jelly cupboard just need a little something on the doors and an inside paint job, unpictured of bright red. I put an art poster on the doors. An asian design. Quite beautiful actually even though it is a rainy scene.

This is not the true befor picture.. But it is close to what it did look like before.

After... Clock cabinet made into a medicine chest or jewelry case. Those are hair brushes and toothpaste inside. Probably should have taken out to photograph... Oh well.

French inspired desk redesign

How sorry this very solid maple desk was. Fugly contact paper and knocked up finish. But, viola!!! OOHH LA LA look at me now!! White and creams and black give this little lady a ver classy look.

Desk and country cabinet set

This gal was of course brown when I found her. The cabinet was a mirrored bathroom shelf. Both got a cool denim look paint job. The desk has pretty brown toned pattern on top and on the drawers. She is such an adorable desk set now.

Dingy Desk Made into Lovely Conversation Piece

This was a sad little thrift store find. Used some bright coordinating colored papers and a paint job to give this a one of a kind look. I think she has an Indian/Asian flair and is quite gorgeous. My pics really don't do this one justice.
Meet "Taj"

Fantastic furniture transformations

This old dresser recieved the "Groovy Green Treatment. Fun painted finish with a beautiful mix of colorful papers. My pictures really don't capture the stunning look of this piece. It would make a great buffet, bar or I see it with a flat screen above it. This is a huge piece of furniture that makes a unique and bold statement.

vermont summer scenes



A few photos from my garden.. Meow Meow loves the beds. Wild flowers in the back, on the path to the "swimming hole"

Oops, just had to squeeze this one in.