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New furniture Makeovers

I recently made a trip to a local recycle/art supply post in Barre called The RESTORE. I scored some awsome wall paper sample books and used the paper to give these two uglies a makeover. Just call me the decoupage fairy godmother.

Purses and bags from scraps

I was in a sewing mood the other day and put some scraps together to make a few bags, I also embelished with broken jewelry or buttons. The furry one was a gift to my pal in buffalo Nickle city gal, Kelly O.

Grandmas windows as Art

My Mother gave me some old windows from my Grandmother's house. They were very beat up but I couldn't just get rid of them so I made a piece of wall art that is sentimental and a nice recycled memory. I'll always think of gram when I look at this.

The paper on the window is from a wall paper sample book and I simply glued the paper to the window pane, paper on top. I added the vellum scrapbook quotes and stamped the fleur de lis on then coated the whole thing with gloss decoupage medium (modge podge) The key to a smooth finish is a brayer(a roller from craft store) a damp sponge and gentle pressure to get all the bubbles out. Occasionally I poke tiny holes with my craft knife to let stubborn air escape. Heavier paper is more forgiving than thin as far as resisting tears. Hope this helps. I bet if you are having glass breakage problems it would still look good with a board back round after all you cannot see the glass from the front.

Living room makeover/ creative chair repair

Big chair hole fixed with decoupage of course!!

Some cabin fever and need for big change and a mod new room is born of stuff I had. Pillows made from fabric I already had. Elvis was in the barn. He needed some freedom.